About Us

Welcome to Home Harmony!
We are Home Harmony, a motivated service and publishing company specializing in all things organized, living small, or living on the water just to name a few. 
Our journey began because we saw the growing need for people looking to have less stress in their life.  We want to help get them organized and live a more simple relaxed life so they have plenty of time for family and friends.  We can help them create a living space either large or small that they are proud of!  
Under my pen name Annette Maria Williams, I have written two books.  We also have other authors that we have self-published.  All our books can be found on Amazon or click the title of the book link to purchase.
We have Annette who is our Professional Organizer.  Her book is Home Clutter Cleanse and it will guide you through each room in your house and tell you how to organize with form, function, fashion, and a few funny stories.  Simple solutions to declutter for less stress, more space and ease of mind. 

Annette's latest book is The Small Living Guide for Compact Houses and it gives lots of tips about how to downsize, how to maximize a space and how to live at peace with less.
Captain Jack has been at the helm of many boats for over 35 years.  His book Don't Rock the Boat will help you log your boating journeys and keep track of all your important boat information.
Sally LaValley has worked in preschool and elementary education for over 20 years.  She understands the creative needs of young children.
She enjoys creating activity books for children to adults!
Her books include - 
Handwriting Practice Workbook for Kids: Numbers, Letters-Activity and Tracing Book for Ages 3+ helps children learn the correct way to print letters and numbers.
Dot Markers Activity Book for Kids:  Learn Letters, Numbers and Shape for Ages 2+ helps young children with small motor skills, develops eye hand skills and encourages visual attention.
Easter Dot Markers Activity Book for Kids:  Learn Letters and Numbers for Ages 2+ is a perfect workbook for young children to practice pre-writing skills and learn about the true Easter Story at the same time. 
We are committed to the success and happiness of our customers.  It is our top priority to deliver quality books and services! 
We hope you find topics that interest you and your family!