Home Harmony Decluttering

I am a Professional Organizer and have years of experience working in both homes and small businesses in the North DFW area.

I love to help people create harmony in their homes! We work with clients to sort, purge and declutter. Want to know where to start? Email to schedule an in-home consultation to prioritize your problem areas and create a plan to maximize your current spaces. The plan includes suggesting the best organizing products for you to purchase to maintain the organization, plus working with containers you already own. We can start with one room such as the kitchen, master closet or whatever space is your priority. Once the organizing is completed, we set up systems to help you maintain the organized space.

My list of organizing services in the North DFW area include

  • Purge & Declutter
  • Unpack and Organize
  • Seasonal Interior Decorating & Undecorating
  • Senior Downsizing
  • Home Staging
See my Facebook Page for details and lots of before and after photos!