-Putting your tree on wheels is so helpful when trying to decorate and makes it so much easier to position once decorating is complete.  The tree stand on wheels folds for easy storage and the wheels have locks.  Why did these take so long to get invented?!  National Tree 32 Inch Folding Tree Stand with Rolling Wheels for 9 to 10 Foot Trees, Fits 1.25-Inch Pole

HELPFUL TIP-An easy decorating trick is to decorate the top section BEFORE putting it on the tree.  This is great if you have an over 10-foot tree because it eliminates being on a ladder and leaning over.  Put the bows, ornaments, etc. on the top tree section before putting the top section on the tree.

Just put the top of the tree in a sturdy vase, flowerpot or bucket and set it on a counter to make it easy to work with.

If you have limited storage space for your holiday décor, I suggest purchasing items that can fold flat when stored. 

Some examples –

Fall Décor-

-Pumpkins are always fun in the fall but cumbersome to store – here are some cute Flat Pumpkins! 

Christmas Décor-

-Have Kids?  Let them have their own Felt Tree that doesn’t take up much space, won’t break and they can put it in their room and decorate the tree themselves.  As the children get older, they could even make new ornaments out of felt and some Velcro tabs!  A theme tree is always fun, perhaps all angels one year, etc.

-Flat Christmas Door Décor - Cute large Flat Christmas Door Décor -

-Don’t have a lot of floor space - Pencil Trees take up very little square footage.

-All lights should be LED to save energy.   They now have available LED Christmas lights in both warm and cool colors or multi colors.

-Very little space to store your tree?  This one is a 6-foot Pull-Up Christmas Tree that is Pre-Lit and Fully Decorated.  It collapses for easy storage!

-For limited floor space, these Half Trees are really clever!

-Really cute flat DIY wall tree idea.  This can be found on Pinterest.  It is great for parents since the child cannot pull the tree over on them.  Great for large rumbustious pets too!

-This Nativity Set stores flat but makes a large impression in your yard.

-The Blow-up Nativity is nice because it also comes with lights and is over 6 feet tall!  Again, it will be easy to store after Christmas.

-Storage containers on wheels are always winners in my book!  Balsam Hill 120-Piece Deluxe Rolling Ornament Chest

-Under bed and under sofa storage is often forgotten.  This can be a great place to store your rolls of long wrapping paper – Under Bed Storage Bags 2-Pack These are a nice neutral color and I especially like the clear top so you can quickly "see" what rolls of paper or Christmas decorations are stored in each box.

-If space is limited around the bed these can help!  You only need to pull the container halfway out because there is a Hinge on the Lid Under bed Containers

-Love versatile items!  These bench and Outdoor Storage Deck boxes can hold lots of outdoor holiday decorations.  If you like the wood look here is another example of Outdoor Storage Deck Box 

-Love this product because it can be used for several things for your holiday storage needs. This product is also great for all your light cords as it keeps them from getting tangled in a box.  Do you have lots of wreaths – hang them from the Straps and hang the stapes on the wall of your attic or garage.  I would also add the large Clear Trash Bags so you can keep the dust off of the wreathes.  They make larger and Stronger Clear Bags too.  The draw string bags just make them easier to hang the item. 

-If you don’t want to take your tree apart, you can always opt to leave it together and cover it to keep the dust off.  This Cover Fits a 9-foot-tall Tree.

-If you do want to take the tree apart it is best to keep it in a Tree Storage Box.  Cardboard tends to attack insects, so this is a much better storage solution!

-Big Kids' gift that is easy to store - Foldable Ball Pit (balls NOT included) and Pit Balls-50

Instead of adding to the clutter, try giving an Experience Gift!  These gifts often make more memories than anything you can purchase at a store and put in a box! 

Here are just a few ideas –
Tickets to a Museum
Rent a Boat for the day
Book a Family Vacation
Tickets to a Sporting Event
Craft or Art Classes


Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links that may provide me with a small commission at no cost to you. However, I have vetted the products in this guide and believe they are some of the best.

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